The Team



Tony Steffert MA, BSc(Hons) - London
Tony has a background in design engineering (Central St Martin's, London). He specialises in brain measurement and is an experienced qEEG technician who has worked on a range of research projects including the ADHD and Neurofeedback study at Imperial College, London and Presenccia project at Goldsmith.

His area of special interest is the link between dyslexia and creativity and the use of VR in neurofeedback. Tony is EEG Spectrum trained in neurofeedback (University Hospital, Groningen) and is an independent affiliate of EEG Spectrum International. He is a member of the Society of Applied Neuroscience and International Society for Neuronal Regulation and the Society of Applied Neuroscience.

Beverley Steffert PhD. - Cambridge
Beverley is a Chartered Psychologist. She has a clinic in Cambridge specialising in specific learning difficulties and perceptual difficulties. In addition to working with clients she remains actively involved in academic research. She acts as Consultant Psychologist to the Dyslexia Institute and is a lecturer in brain- behaviour relationships at London University. She is EEG Spectrum trained in neurofeedback and is an accredited EEG Spectrum Instructor. She is a member of the British Psychological Society and the International Society for Neuronal Regulation. She sits on the training & certification committee of the Society of Applied Neuroscience.

Course Leaders

Professor Juri D. Kropotov PhD. - St Peterburg
The Head of the Laboratory of Neurobiology of Action Programming.
USSR State Prize Winner.
Director for International Organization of Psychophysiology.
past chair of the Society of Applied Neuroscience.

Distinguished Professor Richard Gevirtz PhD. - San Diego
Alliant International University San Diego
California School of Professional Psychology
Department Clinical Psychology

Professor Paul G. Swingle PhD. - Vancouver
Fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association
Swingle Clinic, Vancouver Canada

Dr. Andreas Mueller - Chur, Switzerland
Andreas is a licensed psychotherapist for children and adults. His academic specialty is learning disabilities in children. Since 2000 Andreas has offered clinical services in his private practice to children with ADHD and learning disabilities. Andreas has contributed greatly to the field in collaboration with Juri Kropotov through the meticulous collection of EEG data for the children's database currently in use today.

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