Quantitative EEG, Event-Related Potentials and Neurotherapy (Hardcover)

by Juri Kropotov


Hardcover: 600 pages
Publisher: Academic Press; 1 edition (13 Oct 2008)
Language English
ISBN-10: 0123745128 # ISBN-13: 978-0123745125

Integrative Neuroscience and Personalized Medicine

by Evian Gordon MD PhD, Stephen Koslow PhD

Chapter 9: Autonomic Nervous System Markers for Psychophysiological, Anxiety, and Physical Disorders
By Professor Richard Gevirtz


Principles and Practice of Stress Management: Third Edition
by David H. Barlow, Paul M. Lehrer, Robert L. Woolfolk and Wesley E. Sime
4 Oct 2007
Section C. Biofeedback
9. Psychophysiological Perspectives on Stree-Related and Anxiety Disorders
By Professor Richard Gevirtz



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