David F Mayor
Hon member AACP,
Hon Research Fellow,
Division of Physiotherapy,
University of Hertfordshire
Tony C Steffert
BSc, MA, Founder-member,
Society of Applied Neuroscience, Independent qEEG/HRV Consultant
and Researcher in
Physiological Sonification,
Computing Department,
Open University

A Study on the Effects of Electroacupuncture and/or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation on the EEG and Heart Rate Variability

This study was first proposed in 2001, and has been has been in progress since Summer 2011. Here you can find some formal and informal reports, updates and background information (in date order).
1. Short presentation, ARRC Symposium, London, 2012 (video + slides)
2. EEG and eyeblink response to different acupuncture modalities. Poster, ARRC Symposium, London, 2013
Also available on the ARRC site:
This poster and the following ones can also be viewed by searching 'acupuncture' at:
3. Does the cortical response to electroacupuncture depend on stimulation frequency? Poster, AACP Conference, near Reading, 2013
4. Expectation and experience of the 'nonspecific' effects of acupuncture: developing and piloting a set of questionnaires. Poster, BMAS/PMAS Meeting, Porto, 2013
5. The technical acupuncturist. Tongue-in-cheek, from The Acupuncturist, Summer 2013
6. The fickleness of data: Estimating the effects of different aspects of acupuncture treatment on heart rate variability (HRV). Initial findings from three pilot studies. Poster, ARRC Symposium, London, 2014
7. Expectation and experience of 'nonspecific' (whole person) feelings elicited by acupuncture: Content validity of a set of questionnaires. Deutsche Zeitschrift für Akupunktur/German Journal of Acupuncture and Related Techniques. 2014; 57(1): 14-19 link
8. What do we mean by the 'nonspecific' effects of acupuncture treatment? A survey of experienced acupuncture practitioners and researchers. European Journal of Oriental Medicine. 2014; 7(6): 38-43
PDF and link
9. Changes in finger temperature and blood flow in response to different frequencies of transcutaneous electroacupuncture at LI4 (hegu). Interim analysis and 'real life' methodological issues: many factors, missing data and a multiplicity of measures. Poster, ARRC Symposium, London, 2015
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