Neurofeedback Holiday

Neurofeedback is a proven intervention for a wide range of conditions such as ADHD, migraine, sleep disorders, brain injury, depression, and Asperger's for both children and adults and a real alternative to medication in many instances.

But we realise, it can be inconvenient to travel to our clinics in Cambridge, London or Zurich, several times a week, after school or work or at weekends.

This is why we have decided organize a regular "Neurofeedback Holiday".

The idea is that families and individuals come on a normal summer holiday to relax and have fun and at the same time have treatment for themselves or their child in a convenient and effective way.

This is NOT some Hi-de-Hi style holiday camp where everyone must learn the holiday song, you are quite welcome to holiday completely independently and just have the Neurofeedback sessions in the morning before you go off on your own, on the other hand you might find some support and camaraderie with others in a similar situation.

Neurofeedback will be the main intervention but a package of other measures can be tailored around the individuals needs, we will offer activities involving the whole family and we can arrange outings for the kids, to give parents some time to themselves.

The main emphasis will be on the "holiday" and for the children all the interventions will underline the fun aspects of the tasks, with reward systems to encourage participation and group activities to build self-esteem and practice peer relations.

The Neurofeedback and other activities will be conveniently conducted mostly in and around the holiday complex, so it will be easy to dip in and out of the activities as you desire.

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