Links to Neurofeedback organizations

NeuroFeedBack Holiday

The idea is that families and individuals can come on a normal summer holiday to relax and have fun and at the same time have some treatment for themselves or their child in a convenient and effective way.


A Society to help people get Neurofeedback.

Society of Applied Neuroscience

The Society of Applied Neuroscience (SAN) seeks to advance neuroscientific knowledge and its innovative applications, empowering both scientists and practitioners in optimising self-regulatory brain function.

Educational Neurocare

Neurofeedback in schools

International Society for Neuronal Regulation


kreative education and training experience.
kre8, direct action for learners of all ages who struggle in their learning yet don't know how to overcome their struggles. Charity and private practice based, we operate across Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire.

EEG Spectrum

Learning Recovery

Neurofeedback in Cambridge for a range of conditions.

Learning with Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback in London for a range of conditions.

Neurofeedback Center

Neurofeedback in Zurch.

Glen Saberton

This is my friend Glen on an amazing cycle ride round the world.

EEGfeedback Center

Neurofeedback in Czech Republic.
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