Brain Powered Racing Cars

The brain track are ‘slot cars’ controlled by your brain waves. Two people can race against each other at the same time and I usually set it up so people have to concentrate and produce more ‘Low Beta’ to make the cars go. But if I want to make it more challenging, I can set the system so the cars will go when people relax and produce more Alpha brain waves. This can be funny because the harder people try the less the car will go, and they have to learn to relax and remain calm for the car to go faster. This is always a great success at schools, but we have had some very funny grudge matches between heads of Department, so it’s definitely for all ages.

Exhibitions & Open Days

I regularly demonstrate EEG and neurofeedback with the Brain Track and other devices at exhibitions and open days for universities, such as the Institute of psychiatry, Kings College, Open University. As well as Wellness retreats and yoga centres and other businesses (I will add some pictures to this section soon, Sorry).


As part of workshops I give about ‘The Brain’, ‘Thinking Styles’ and ‘Risky Decision Making’, I use the Brain Track to demonstrate how stress can effect your cognitive processes and it always goes down well at schools. (Some pic soon)


I’ve done a few TV shows with the Brain Track and recently measured the EEG of racing drivers as they drive at 120 miles around now are around the Goodwood track in a real car!

"Clever" Vs. "Stupid" on BBC

I was on a BBC3 game show presented by Matt Edmondson, where they were looking at different kinds of intelligence: emotional intelligence, physical dexterity, creativity and practical skills.

The finale was “THE ULTIMATE MIND GAME” (Drum Roll)
where one person from each team raced a mini ‘Mini car’ using their brain waves.

I set it up so if they produced more ‘Low Beta’ brain waves and less ‘Theta’ and ‘High Beta’ waves then the car would go faster. But if the contestant got tense or lost concentration then the car would slow down or stop.

It was great fun and I think it was a thrilling finish to the show.

I used the Brain Track from Brain Master.

It is the same Brain Track that we have been using on the Neurofeedback Holidays.

The first person to do 10 laps was the winner. There was a very competitive atmosphere.

I bought some bike helmets and cut a grove in the middle to fit the saline electrodes then sprayed them in the team colours.

I also painted the Mini’s in the team colours.

I even got a credit on the TV. (well they missed a T from my name…)

Here are some videos of just the final Brain Track Race.
The DJ’s V Clevers show, is a funny one. Just click on the video and it will start playing.

DJ's V Clevers

Glamour Models

Supermarket Staff


Call Centre Staff


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