Here are some of my media performances.

Here is a show I did on the BBC using the Brain Trach, EEG driven cars… the very small cars.

Brain Track On BBC

Rhod Gilbert: Stand Up to Shyness

I did a brain map of the comedian Rhod Gilbert for his shyness documentary.

Stand-up comedian Rhod Gilbert is painfully shy. He might hide it well, but he can’t even go into a cafe to buy a coffee. No joke. In fact, his social anxiety has had a massive effect on his life. In this documentary, Rhod’s going to try find out why and what can be done. Talking to fellow shy comedian Greg Davies, other shy sufferers, and scientists, Rhod comes up with a radical solution for how we can all stand up to shyness.

Here is my bit:

Here is the show on the BBC


The Speakmans tackle YOUR phobias on This Morning on ITV.

I have done the show several times monitoring the Heart Rate of people suffering from a range of phobias

One man had a phobia of ketchup. See the show

Phobia of snakes, See the show

Phobia of Ice. See the show