Resonant Breathing Assessment

The Resonant Breathing assessment consists of breathing at 5 different rates for 5:30 minutes each, while measuring your HRV. Then I will compute the HRV for each trial and one breathing rate will give a higher HRV than the others. This is YOURResonant Breathing Rate’.

You only need to measure your ‘Resonant Breathing Rate’ once and then you should use this rate for all your Breathing exercises.

During the Breathing exercise it is a good idea to sit up straight with both feet flat on the floor and relax. Then you need to do nice slow diaphragmatic breathing. Do not breathe to deeply, just slowly at the fixed rate for that trial. It does not really matter to much how you breathe just make sure you breathe comfortably at the rate for the trial. (Later you can experiment with different breathing techniques and see if they give you a better score).

The Elite HRV App has a ‘Breathing Pacer’ that can guide you to breathe as a set rate. In the Elite HRV App select the ‘Biofeedback’ button from the menu on the bottom:

But there is a small problem with the ‘Team Dashboard’, I use to collect your data. It does not tell me what your breathing rate was. The App does record the ‘Inhale’ and ‘Exhale’ rates, So your need to take a note of which rate you were breathing at and the order and email me (


Then you will need to set both the ‘Inhale’ and ‘Exhale’ rates as follow, for the different trials.

Breaths Pre-Minute

Inhale & Exhale in Seconds


4.3 Sec


4.62 Sec


5 Sec


5.45 Sec


6 Sec

Once you have entered in the inhalation and exclamation time, you select ‘Live Preview’ and push ‘Start Practice’ button at the bottom of screen.

You will be presented with a ‘breathing pacer’. The circle will expand and contract at the respiration rate you have set, so just relax and get comfortable and breathe in and out slowly from your diaphragm, do not try too hard and if you get dizzy just stop as this is not the rate for you. 


When you finish the breathing trial, save it and the App will give you your HRV score for this rate. (I will also compute the scores from the data I collect on the dashboard).

The breathing trial with the highest HRV is your resonant breathing rate.

Well done.