Brain Map

How an EEG is Done

The procedure for recording an EEG or “Brain Map”.
First of all, it won’t hurt, an EEG recording is completely non-invasive and safe. But I am sorry, we will make a mess of your hair.

Before you arrive:
1. Could you please wash your hair the day before you come with normal shampoo, but do NOT use conditioner, gel or any other hair products. We need a nice clean scalp.

2. Get a good night’s sleep. If you are tired this will increase the slow waves in your brain.

3. Don’t have a coffee or a high caffeine drink for a few hours before the recording. Caffeine will increase the fast waves in your brain. One coffee in the morning with breakfast will be OK.

4. Medication:
We cannot recommend you stop any medication, so you may want to speak with your GP before doing so. Most medication will show in the EEG “Brain Map”. For example Ritalin should be stopped for 48 hours before the brain map.

5. Relax: If you are stressed this will increase the same fast waves as Caffeine or Ritalin. So if you are going to be late for the appointment, do not worry just call.

The recording:
The “Brain Map” will take about an hour depending on the tasks we do and how still you can sit. The normal test battery we record includes:
Eyes Closed for 5 minutes. (We need a minimum of 3 minutes of “good” data)

Eyes Open for 5 minutes with your eyes still.

A 20 minute “Visual Continuous Performance” task. This is a bit like the game Snap.
This is a good tool for assessment of executive function of the brain, not only at behavioural level but also at the physiological level.

If there is Dyslexia or auditory processing problems we like to record a 18 minute auditory task.