Training workshops in Quantitative EEG (qEEG), event related potentials (ERP) and neurofeedback.

We run several workshops throughout the year.

We have the “Advanced qEEG Spring Workshop” and the “Beginners Neurofeedback Autumn Workshop” both in London and “Neurofeedback for Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Workshop” and our occasional “Intermediate Neurofeedback Summer Workshop” with the opportunity to sit-in on real sessions and clock-up your supervised hours. Also periodically a range of other courses from visiting experts.

We also run Neurofeedback training workshops around the world and have given workshops in China, Malta, Italy, Greece, Germany, Croatia, Turkey, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Iran and New Zealand. Tony and Bev are travellers at heart so are always happy to look into running a workshop some where new.

Functional Biomarkers in Psychiatry and Neurology Workshop

with Prof. Juri D. Kropotov

Advanced qEEG/ERP Workshop:
4-day workshops in April 2019,

    • The goal of the workshop is to teach attendees how to improve their diagnostic and treatment tools by using a newly emerged technology of Quantitative EEG, event related potentials and neurotherapy.
    • The attendees are required to bring laptops with them. At the workshop the attendees will be supplied by an educational software and EEG files from the HBI (Human Brain Index) reference database.
    • Each day will consist of two parts: Morning: theoretical usually by lectures and practice with software on EEG files taken the HBI reference database and afternoon; working with hardware/software, recording EEG and analyzing EEG files recorded during the workshop.
    • The attendees will be supplied with hardware for recording EEG. Each attendee will be able to make recording and analysis by him/herself.

Neurofeedback – Beginners Autumn Workshop

with Dr Beverley Steffert and Dr Tony Steffert

As the nights draw in, we will be putting on our traditional 4 day Autumn Course for beginners to the field of Neurofeedback. The object of this training course is to present a comprehensive approach to the clinical application of Neurofeedback and to give you the chance to evaluate some of the equipment and techniques commonly used.

Neurofeedback for Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Workshop

with Dr Beverley Steffert and Dr Tony Steffert

A one day extension workshop in Neurofeedback for PTSD, in Camden, London.
This workshop is intended for people who work with PTSD and have either taken a general beginner’s Neurofeedback workshop or who have already had some experience with Neurofeedback and want to work with PTSD.
It builds on our 4 day beginner’s neurofeedback workshop we run in Autumn and covers the more advanced Neurofeedback protocol called ‘Alpha/Theta’.
The workshop will cover the theory and practice of Neurofeedback for PTSD, with Lectures, Demonstrations, and Hands-On practice.