Breathing has a large effect on heart rate variability (HRV) but these questions are about some other factors that are also known to affect the HRV; Age, Sex, Circadian rhythm (i.e., time of day) and sleep, Menstrual cycle, diabetes, Fitness, BMI and whether you smoke, and alcohol consumption, and even when you last had caffeine. (We will ask some of these question on the day you come to the in person sessions)


Remember you don't have to answer any questions you don't want to!

ID or Name:
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Age: How old are you?


What is your weight?

During the last 12 months, how often did you usually have any kind of drink containing alcohol?

By a drink we mean 15 millilitres (half an ounce) of absolute alcohol (e.g., 350 millilitres (12-ounce) can or glass of beer or cooler, a 150 millilitres (5 ounce) glass of wine, or a drink containing 1 shot of liquor).

During the last 12 months, how many alcoholic drinks did you have on a typical day when you drank alcohol?

During the last 12 months, how often did you have 5 or more (males) or 4 or more (females) drinks containing any kind of alcohol in within a two-hour period?

That would be the equivalent of at least 5 (4) 350 millilitres (12-ounce) cans or bottles of beer, 5 (4) 150 millilitres (5 ounce) glasses of wine, 5 (4) drinks each containing one shot of liquor or spirits:

Which item best describes your smoking?

How long have you been a smoker? (In number of years, i.e., "3" or "1.5")

Do you have any comments about your smoking?

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